Okay but imagine:

  • Peter Parker going to a fan convention as Spiderman
  • Peter Parker getting compliments on his Spiderman costume
  • Peter Parker entering a Spiderman Costume Contest
  • Peter Parker losing said contest
  • Peter Parker losing the contest to Deadpool
Jenny Lewis - Godspeed



Imagine having sex with a girl and she turns into a legit monster
Do you continue fucking her or do you run away?

does the pussy stay human pussy or does it become monster pussy? will she kill me if my stroke weak? if the condom breaks, will i create an x men baby? do monsters get the clap? its levels to this shit and i need answers.


angry speedpainting. my rendition of an “Ursa Major” if it were an actual bear. this wasn’t even well thought out at all (hence it having multiple constellations on it rather than the typical uh.. big dipper), but i don’t really care.



When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

I will never not reblog this.


It’s a “Fevers & Mirrors” kind of afternoon.


(by muhina)

Padriac My Prince…